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What are the features of comprehensive insurance?

Learn about the most important features and coverages of comprehensive vehicle insurance.

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive insurance covers a wide range of damages, including accidents, theft, and natural events such as floods and earthquakes.

Coverage Parties

Comprehensive insurance covers damages incurred by the insured vehicle and covers liability towards third parties.

Vehicle repair location

The insured vehicle can be repaired either at the dealership or at authorized repair shops, as agreed upon in the insurance policy document.

Coverage for a substitute vehicle

In the event of the car being damaged and in need of repair, comprehensive insurance can provide a substitute vehicle during the repair period.

Compensation for the value of the car

In the event of the car being lost due to theft or total damage, comprehensive insurance can provide compensation for the value of the car

Coverage for glass and front windshield

Comprehensive insurance may include coverage for repairing or replacing glass and the front windshield due to damage resulting from accidents or natural events.

Important information about comprehensive vehicle insurance

Comprehensive insurance is a type of car insurance that typically covers damage to the vehicle resulting from accidents, natural events, or theft

Comprehensive insurance includes accidents, self-damage, theft, fires, floods, earthquakes, storms, and other events beyond basic coverage.

Yes, comprehensive insurance covers damage resulting from collisions, in addition to other non-collision-related damages

Yes, in the event of the car being lost due to theft or total damage, comprehensive insurance can provide compensation for the value of the car.

Yes, comprehensive insurance covers damages resulting from floods.

It depends on the insurance policy, but often comprehensive insurance provides a substitute vehicle during the repair period.

Yes, comprehensive insurance can cover damages resulting from earthquakes, but the details should be checked in the documents.

It depends on the insurance policy, but additional coverage can be purchased to cover accessories and modifications.

The exceptions can vary, but some may include negligence, unauthorized usage, and unapproved modifications.