Fraud Policy | Gonsure

Protecting the security and confidentiality of your information is our priority. At Daman (GoNsure) we are committed to protecting the sensitive information of our customers and we take this matter seriously and continue to monitor the information and data available to us in order to avoid and prevent any fraudulent or suspicious behavior. Just as we do our best to protect our customers and partners, we also urge you to support our efforts by doing your duty to spot potential fraudulent behavior by malicious parties who use the name of the GoNsure platform to mislead you. Here are some tips on how to identify electronic fraud tactics to ensure the safety and security of your sensitive information.

Monitoring electronic fraud methods

Being aware of fraudulent and malicious emails and other forms of fraudulent communication is key to protecting against fraud and theft. Common warning signs of online fraud include:

Payment requests:

Unexpected requests for often urgent money payments in exchange for purchasing insurance policies. This method is used to send money and provide personal information such as usernames, passwords and credit card details.

Requests for personal information:

Requests for personal and/or financial information for the purpose of fraud, identity theft and other crimes.

Misleading domain names:

Links that are misspelled or bear addresses that are somewhat similar to real sites (eg: / / gonsureinsurance etc.). If you are in doubt about the authenticity of any website using the Gonsure name, please always visit our website ( or contact the Gonsure Customer Service Center via e-mail (

Types of electronic fraud

Fraudulent and malicious emails:

It is the most common online scam that aims to deceive you by pretending to be a known source on the GoNsure platform (for example: receiving an email that appears to be from GoNsure ) in order to induce you to share personal information of a sensitive nature, or account data. or sending money, and may also include a request to enter a contest in order to win prizes. In this regard, we urge our customers to validate any request that does not come directly from a GoNsure employee or the correct domain name of the company.

Identity theft:

Occurs when someone deceives you into disclosing/providing personal, financial or account information. Information thieves usually pretend to be from well-known companies and send you emails, call you and ask you to answer their questions, or direct you to a fraudulent web page that asks you to provide personal information such as a credit card number, account password, or even GoNsure credentials.

Credit card fraud:

In some cases, this happens when a credit card is lost or stolen by someone using it, and credit card fraud is primarily done through the hacking of card account data in the course of normal use. Stolen card data is often used to attempt to make fraudulent online purchases.

Spam and Viruses:

For our business, customers often receive an email saying that GoNsure is trying to issue an insurance policy and asks you to open a file attached to the email to complete the issuance of the policy, and that attachment is most likely a virus. Therefore, we kindly ask you not to open that attached file and notify GoNsure Customer Service Center via the following email: ( unless you are really waiting to receive a similar email.

Document release emails:

In some cases, customers receive an e-mail message containing the insurance policy number, and this document can be verified by logging into the control panel on our website: If you do not get any results for the search, please be aware that the document number mentioned is not correct, and that Gonsure was not the one who sent the email, and in this case, we kindly request you to report this message to Gonsure Customer Service via the following email: ( ).

Activation code:

Text messages containing the activation code are sent only to complete the registration process. After entering the Gonsure platform, please ignore any message you receive otherwise. Gonsure will not request your activation code by phone or email; To protect the privacy of your account, please do not share the activation code with anyone.

Our duties:

We are committed to adopting the highest industry standards and implementing the best security, administrative, technical and physical measures to protect the personal information you provide from damage, loss, alteration, access, disclosure, illegal, unauthorized or accidental use and other forms of unlawful processing. We also continuously invest in the latest technologies to reduce all potential risks for the benefit of our customers, and we remain committed to ensuring that the most stringent security requirements are met and promoting a culture of security protection in our work environment, knowing that our commitment to information security is subject to review and audit, and all your personal information is encrypted, including Including your credit card details, even before you close your browser or device.

Your duties:

While Gonsure will review and enhance these security measures from time to time as necessary, it is your responsibility to protect your information such as login data and passwords from any unauthorized use, knowing that there is no 100% secure way to transfer files via Internet or electronic storage. Therefore, Gonsure cannot guarantee the absolute security of your personal information.

Contact us:

If you have any comments or questions about Gonsure's customer protection and fraud prevention procedures, please contact Gonsure's Customer Service Center at the following email: (

Evacuation responsibility:

Gonsure will not ask you to provide any personal or payment information through traditional mail or electronic mail. There is no doubt that being careful and protecting your sensitive information is the best way to prevent fraud. If you receive a request to provide personal information or payment data through any of the aforementioned forms of communication, please do not respond or cooperate with the sender and report it immediately to the Gonsure Customer Service Center via the following email: ( Gonsure accepts no responsibility for any costs, fees or payments that are the result of any fraudulent activity. You should be careful and beware of the fraud methods mentioned above and take them into consideration to protect your information and data from theft in order to avoid falling victim to any fraud in the future.