Steps to Purchase Vehicle Insurance on Gonsure Platform

Gonsure provides you with vehicle insurance offers for third-party and comprehensive insurance instantly and online.


What are the steps to purchase vehicle insurance through the Gonsure platform?

The Gonsure platform provides you with the best vehicle insurance quotes in easy and simple steps from most of the Saudi cooperative insurance companies, instantly, and you can issue your insurance policy in less than one minute.

Enter your information

Enter the identity information of the vehicle owner and the car information

Purpose of insurance

Specify the purpose of the vehicle insurance, whether it is new insurance or a transfer of ownership

Compare Quotes

Compare prices and features of different insurance offers from vehicle insurance companies and choose the insurance offer that suits you


Complete the payment process through the various payment methods provided by the Gonsure platform, and the vehicle insurance policy will be issued immediately and linked automatically with Najm and the traffic department

What are the types of vehicle insurance provided by Gonsure?

Gonsure platform is a reliable platform that provides three types of vehicle insurance

Third Parties Insurance "TPL"

Compulsory insurance that covers liability towards third parties in the event of an accident

Third Parties Plus

Covers liability towards third parties and covers the repair of the insured vehicle up to a specified limit mentioned in the insurance policy

Comprehensive vehicle insurance

Covers the damages that the insured car incurs and covers liability towards third parties

Important information about vehicle insurance

Insuring your vehicle protects you from bearing liabilities towards others, and therefore, every car owner should cover their vehicle with a valid insurance policy to protect themselves and others in case of an accident

If your vehicle does not have valid vehicle insurance, you are liable for a penalty for not having valid insurance on the vehicle.

Certainly, you can get vehicle insurance through the Gonsure platform by entering the current vehicle owner's information and the buyer's information, then issuing the insurance policy online. It will be automatically linked with Najm and the traffic department, enabling you to complete the vehicle ownership transfer process.